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Slickote P300
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Slickote 300 Fastener Barrier Coating

Aluminum Barrier - Solid Film Lubricant MIL-C-85614A

Product Description

Slickote 300 is a heat cured aluminum barrier coating and solid film lubricant used on fasteners. Contains PTFE and Molybdenum Disulfide.

Intended Use

Applied to fasteners to provide a dry lubricating surface with a low coefficient of friction, to reduce installation force.

Provides a coating barrier to separate dissimilar metal surfaces

Excellent corrosion, chemical and solvent resistance

Hard durable finish without chipping

Easy to apply

Application Procedure

Metal Preparation: All surfaces must be thoroughly cleaned, degreased, free of rust, oxides or other surface impurities. Recommended pretreatment:

1)Vapor degrease or solvent clean

2) abrasive blast

3) alkaline clean –to remove abrasive materials


1) Mix well in mechanical shaker

2) Reduce with 1 part Slickote Reducer to 1 part concentrate

3) Apply with spray gun

4) Heat cure, 300 deg F for 1 hour

Physical Properties

VOC: <660

Color: Silver

Dilution: Slickote Reducer 1:1 (or 50:50 MEK & Ethanol)

Wt/Gal 7.9 Lbs/ Gal

App.temp: Ambient (< 90 degF)

Cure: 300 deg F for 1 Hour

Shelf Life: 1 year from date of manufacture

Storage:    Store in closed container, between 32 deg F and 75 deg F