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Slickote HT
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Slickote HT

Solid Film Lubricant, Hi Temp

Product Description

Slickote HT is a solid film lubricant for use at high temperatures, up to 1500 degF

Intended Use

To reduce wear and prevent galling and seizure of metals.

Mold release for die cast metals (aluminum, zinc)

Lubrication aid for metal extrusion

Anti-galling in hot forming of titanium metals

Where temperature ranges are from -65 degF to 1500 degF

Application Procedure

1) Reduce with MEK 1:1 by volume. Mix well

2) Apply with spray gun, brushing or dipping: to about .001 in coating thickness

3) Air dry (Coating will cure with hi temperature use)

4) Remove with solvent wash or alkaline cleaner.

Physical Properties

Color: Grey

Dilution: Reduce 1:1 with MEK

Wt/Gal 8.26 Lbs/gal

App.temp: Ambient (< 90 degF)

Cure: Air Dry (Cures with hi temp usage)

Shelf Life: 6 months from date of manufacture

Storage: Store in closed container

Store between 32 deg F and 100 deg F

VOC: 3.3 Lbs/Gal (400 g/l)

Solids: Concentrate: 22%

Do not use in food processing or handling equipment or surfaces with food contact