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Slickote P100
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Slickote PTFE 100

Non-Stick, Solid Film Lubricant

Product Description

Slickote PTFE 100 is a heat cured fluorocarbon-resin bonded solid film lubricant coating.

Intended Use

Applied to metal parts to provide a non-stick dry lubricating surface with a low coefficient of friction

Provides a slick finish, good for mold release.

Excellent corrosion protection for metal surfaces.

Excellent chemical and solvent resistance.

Provides a decorative finish, in various colors.

Application Procedure

Metal Preparation: All surfaces must be thoroughly cleaned, degreased, free of rust, oxides or other surface impurities. Recommended pretreatments:

Aluminum Chemical Conversion Coat or unsealed anodize

Steel Abrasive clean and phosphate coat or acid etch primer

Stainless Steel or Titanium Abrasive Clean

1) Mix well, mechanical paint shaker

2) Reduce with SlicKote Reducer 2:1

3) Apply with spray gun , or dip coat

4) Heat cure, 300 deg F for 1 hour

Physical Properties

Color: Fed-Std 595 (most colors)

Dilution: Reduce with SlicKote Reducer 2:1 by volume

Wt/Gal 8.3 Lbs/gal

App.temp: Ambient (< 90 degF)

Cure: 300 deg F for 1 Hour

Shelf Life: 1 year from date of manufacture

Storage: Store in closed container. Store between 32 deg F and 75 deg F

VOC: <625 g/l

Solids: >35.0%