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Cetyl Alcohol
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SlicKote Cetyl Alcohol Fastener Lubricant

Product Description

Cetyl Alcohol, water based lubricant for fasteners. Meets requirements of Mil-L-87132 Type III Grade C.

Intended Use

As an installation lubricant on mechanical fasteners such as pins, bolts, nuts, washers and threaded or non threaded fastening devices.

Application Procedure

Make sure parts are clean and properly precoated (Aluminum Barrier Coating etc.) prior to applying SlicKote Cetyl Alcohol.

Gently and slowly mix material avoiding air bubble formation.

Material may be used at ambient temperatures or heated up to apx 160 degF maximum.

For best results, apply at ambient temperature. Above apx 125 to 130 degF there is a significant reduction in viscosity and slow stirring is required to reform a good stable emulsion as the Cetyl Alcohol falls from above to below its melting point.

Dip parts completely into the lubricant. Remove slowly and shake off extra material if necessary.

Air dry or force dry at up to 100 deg F. Do not handle parts until completely dry.

Parts may exhibit a white or frosty appearance which is normal.

For thinner coating, heat material to reduce viscosity or dilute with deionized water.

Physical Properties

VOC: n/a

Color: White

Solvent: Deionized Water

Wt/Gal apx 8.5 lbs/gal

App.temp: Ambient to 160 degF; Best results at ambient temperature

Cure: Air dry or force dry up to apx 100 degF

Dilution: Use as is (recommended)-Grade C (For heavy lubrication, interference fit fasteners, internally threaded parts)

or dilute 1:1 with DI Water Grade B (pins, bolts, externally threads)

or dilute 2:1 with DI Water Grade A (collars, nuts, washers)

For Dilution, best results; add water, heat to > 130 deg F and stir slowly while cooling.

Shelf Life: 1 year stored in sealed container at < 90 degF

Storage: Store in closed container

Do not allow to freeze. Store between 32 deg F and 100 deg F

Health:  Cetyl Alcohol is a nontoxic, nonirritating, and otherwise innocuous material